Percival Royston Mellor (1937 – 1942)

Percy was very proud of his school and until recently attended many old boys events. He died, aged 91, on 12th October, 2017.

Below is an extract from his eulogy:

Percy was born in August 1926 in Fishponds and had 2 sisters; Wyn and Doris and 3 brothers; Arnold, Wilf and Ray. Arnold died at the age of 3, so Percy never knew him. Percy was nine when his father died and his mother did not remarry. This meant Percy had a somewhat austere upbringing.

Percy became the last of his generation when his brother, Ray, who also went to QEH, passed away in his early fifties and Wilf died in 2011.

Despite his background Percy won a scholarship to Board at QEH in 1937. He says he was an average pupil but his report cards say he was consistently in the top quarter of his class, excelling in sport, maths and music but, for the record, not so good at geography.

He was in the school choir at the Lord Mayor's chapel and St Georges, Brandon Hill and won prizes for his efforts.

Percy loved sport, and he enjoyed his first athletic success aged 9 as a champion sprinter and later, at QEH, he won several trophies in athletics and gained his colours at cricket. Percy played football, tennis, cricket and league table tennis for over 30 years.

He left school at 16, joining WD & HO Wills as a junior in its Wages Office. As testament to his hard work and ability he progressed to become Departmental Manager by the age of 39 and was instrumental in setting up the Imperial Pension scheme before retiring at the age of 55.

Percy and his wife Jean had two children, Keith and Kim. Keith, the elder child was tragically killed in a car accident aged 19 whilst a student at UMIST in Manchester.

Percy enjoyed popular classical music, choral & stage musicals and playing the organ, achieving a reasonable standard given his late start.

However Percy is best associated with all things relating to beer and wine, planting his first vine in 1955 and in 1971 he became a founder member of Keynsham & Saltford Wine Circle of which he was President for nearly 40 years. He became a National Wine Judge in 1979 and served over 30 years. This hobby led to an interest in commercial wines and he helped set up a Wine Appreciation Group in 1982, which conducted over 400 tastings over 35 years.

Following his heart problem walking was an important and daily part of his life and through this became a well-liked personality around Keynsham.

From the age of 71 he was often accompanied on his walks by a welcomed granddaughter, Nikita, who he willingly pushed into Keynsham and back up the hill until she went to School, when he became her alarm clock and chauffeur. This level of activity certainly helped him reach a highly commendable age of 91.

He left a note that said he enjoyed a very full and happy life, with much thanks to his wife Jean for it.

Extracted from the Eulogy for Percy Mellor by his Son-in-Law, Steve Johnson.