Neil Murison (1930-2018)

Neil Murison, born 1930, was a student at the West of England College of Art. He taught at Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in the 50's and 60's and then became a lecturer at the West of England College of Art retiring in 1987 as Head of Foundation Studies at Bower Ashton which was then part of Bristol Polytechnic.

As President of Clevedon Art Club talking at Tinca Gallery.

As President of Clevedon Art Club talking at Tinca Gallery.

He has been a full Member of the Royal West of England Academy of Art since 1979 and was Director of The New Gallery at The Academy from 2003-09. He was made an Honorary Academician in 2000.

He has exhibited extensively and has had forty solo shows since 1963. Innocent Fine Art, Bristol, in 1998 and 1999, Arnolfini Gallery in 1965, Bruton Street Gallery, London in 1999 are just some of the key venues.

His paintings are in the collections of the Bank of America in London and Amsterdam, Merchant Bank of Scotland, Government of Portugal, Oxford University, the Contemporary Art Society of Wales, Bath University and other notable corporate institutions.

He achieved recognition in the 60's with a series of large abstract and coastline paintings which examined ideas of natural forces at work in the landscape, particularly how the elements of wind, water, frost and fire form and shape the coastline through the process of erosion and he has pursued this theme consistently over the years.

After growing up and living in the city of Bristol for most of his life, he moved to the village of Wick in South Gloucestershire in 2005.   He will be sadly missed by those who were taught by him to draw, paint, clay model and sculpt.