QEH Charter On Antiques Roadshow


With Antiques Roadshow being filmed down the road at Aerospace, and Old Elizabethan Matthew Haley one of the show’s experts, we figured it would be a good idea to go along…and to take the School Charter with us!  

Having broken it out from the Bristol Records Office secure vault, we hopped in the minibus along with an assortment of keen historians from the Junior School and Year 8 and sped along to Filton...albeit got stuck in rush hour traffic and ended up arriving late.

Fortunately, upon arrival we had the chance to be beautified by the make-up artists, and time to ensure everyone was camera ready. Then it was our moment to shine and we headed down from the Green Room to where filming was taking place under the wings of The Concorde.

Matthew discussed the significance of the Charter, its symbolism, its authenticity and its valuation…the latter you will have to wait to find out!

It looks like the episode won’t be aired until much later in the year, but we’ll let you know when we receive a date. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get our thirty seconds of fame.

Thanks very much to Matthew for helping to set it all up.


James Bailey